Septic Drain Field Problems and Help | Septic Drainer


Septic Systems fail for two reasons: one being hardpan soil and the other being excessive organic overloading. I would like to explain how these failures can be distinquished from each other. Organic overloading is simply too much waste material filling up your drainage structures. This failure can be resolved using Bio-Septic Boost.

Bio-Septic Boost increases the metabolic reproductive rate of naturally occurring bacteria by a million fold. So let’s say if your bacteria count is 110 thousand in an area the size of quarter, adding Bio-Septic Boost will increase bacteria count to 54 million bacteria in that same area the size of a quarter. A term that’s used a lot today is Bio-Mat. Bio-Mat is a waste product that is generated from Non-Aerobic Bacteria. Remember, if the air stops flowing in a septic system, Aerobic Bacteria die off and Non-Aerobic Bacteria start to grow. A second term you will read about is hardpan soil, which is a result of sodium and soil combining. The combination of these two materials is the start of drain field failures.

Hardpan soil can be restored and prevented by using Septic Drainer. Bio-Mat can be removed by using Bio-Septic Boost, or one the few Aerobic bacteria suppliers we mentioned earlier.

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